Clipping path is an image editing process, in which a ‘continuous line’, also called a ‘vector path’ is drawn around the given object.

One of the most fertile software for post processing and graphics called Photoshop has a powerful tool called Pen. This tool is used to trace the path in an image that needs to be edited. It is used when the editor does not have to fiddle with any pixel on the image. Which means, without changing the core essence of the final image, alterations are done.

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In the process, the desired part of the image is distinguished from its background. It is then placed on suitable background. The wanted part can also be placed to another image. The boundary of an image can easily be altered to any shape in this way. The path separates the inclusive from the exclusive.

An artist using this process works with the help of several tools like Lasso, Pen tool and Magic Wand. But for fine selection of the minute features, the pen tool works flawlessly. The path is placed tactically on images that have fine nuances. It can also used in other software like Illustrator, Coral Draw and Fireworks. Some of the best known clipping path services are, background removal, masked pictures, knock out mask, Photoshop masking etc. They are vastly used in industries like graphic designing, e-commerce, print and electronic media, photo studios, websites, logo designs and art houses. This way clipping path is applied for editing and making beautiful images.

And it is critical services like clipping path that many creative industries require to survive in a competitive market.

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