If you are in online business or work on e-commerce websites then knowing about website image optimization should be your priority. We help you to decide how to get great, speedy visuals with proper descriptive tags for all items.

If you have already heard of information overload then you must be also familiar with image overload. When it comes to websites then both (information & images) have to be used with caution. And this article will appraise you of what website image optimization is important and how it will impact the way the Google searches for your website online.

Ask your self three questions:

  1. Why Google search engine refuses to show my products gallery?
  2. Why did I say no to tags? How will the items be sold online now?
  3. How does it matter if the image is a Jpeg or EPS or any other?

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In any e-commerce website there are two important things-an image that is very clear and the other is its name/tag/description. They do the talking and selling for the customer. With clear pictures and information a viewer can easily decide to buy the product without a problem in the mind. For example there is a model of a car that is being sold online. The image should be able to show clearing the car in a good resolution. It should be named properly –for example Toyota-model number-blue jpeg. Why do we need to have the image with the tag? When shoppers will search Google they will use specific keywords. Both the image and the tag will come. Hence the editor who works on the image will have to keep in mind the web image optimization for the client.

When a buyer looks at the model, he would like to see the product from a number of angles. Hence the editor should be able to make the images in angles in such a way that the product will be seen. In some cases like the car model a 360-degree virtual tour is an ideal thing to do. With the tags and description the entire features of the car and its specifications will be seen clearly. There should be proper shots of the interior of the car. There are other products too that are being sold online. For example wallet or shoes sets-proper shots and images need to be displayed.

website image optimization

The image should not be very heavy. On an average it takes less than 3 seconds for a website to upload. And within this time frame the images should be up and clear. If they longer than the buyer will shift and surf on the other sites. Hence the resolution and image size matters. All people who are in to e-commerce have to ensure that the images of the products are not very heavy. Speeding up the images on the website is important. A company that provides imaging services will know about this important factor. It is now possible to reduce the file sizes and yet have good quality pictures on the websites. And now there is all the more reason for pictures to be in smaller and handy size. They get loaded on mobile devices also. If a customer cannot see the image on the smartphone, then you can kiss his business good bye.

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 19-year background in graphic design, content management, PPC and digital marketing.