Reflection shadow can compare with the uniqueness of glass. It generates graphical outcome and gives the illusion of shadows to the resource of illumination. This technique is popular and highly demanded by the advertisement, e-commerce and online stores websites as their emphasis is on making the product look attractive to the customers so that they buy them.

It is best achieved by the experienced artists. However, it has a wide usage in the catalogues, magazines, newspapers etc. Various types of software are available in the market for reflection shadow using this technique. To name a few are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDraw, Quark Xpress etc. However, Adobe Photoshop is the most popular one among all.

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Let us get some good effects by learning how reflections are made in Photoshop. There are some variations in the technique also. Using it over text is the best way to explain in this tutorial.

reflection effect by clipping path india

new layer

Use a text that has a plain white background. Creating the desired effect is best in such a scenario. If the text has a background ensure that it is placed on a white one before the start of work.

Duplicate layer

name the layer

Begin by creating the duplicate layer. Drag the objects to the layer icon. Right click on the text layer. This gives the duplicate layer.

make a copy of text layer

So now there is effectively three layers-the white background, the original text and the new duplicate layer. Just in case you wish to have additional effect creates a drop shadow on the original layer. With the right drop shadow the image will now have a softer appearance.

reflection shadow, drop shadow, shadow with a text, how to create reflection shadow

reflection shadow, drop shadow, shadow with a text, how to create reflection shadow

Step up the process by flipping the layer vertically. Use Edit/Transform/Flip Vertical to do the needful. Adjust the reflection by bringing it exactly on the original one.

reflection shadow, drop shadow, shadow with a text, how to create reflection shadow

text opacity

With the help of opacity make the reflection more authentic. Around 30% opacity is fine. This gives the final result.

This is the basic technique- now for some variations:

edit transform perspective

reflection shadow, drop shadow, shadow with a text, how to create reflection shadow

normal reflection

Edit/Transform/Perspective-this helps to get a new dimension to the reflection. This is a normal reflection.

filter distort ripple

water ripple effect

One can also create a nice water ripple effect by using Filters/Distort/Ripple.

gradient editor


If a gradient tool is used the result can once again be altered. It gives a vanishing or fading effect.

The reflections can always be made more creative. Once the basics have been mastered, it is easy to experiment. New trails often lead to exciting results. If you try anything new let us know. We would like to share it with others too.

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