In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to remove the background of any image in order to make it transparent by using the clipping path technique. This enables you to place the revised image into other images or post to websites, from the box and distraction of the background.

Open the desired image:

open image in Photoshop

original image

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The biggest advantage of using clipping path technique is it can be applied to any kind of image format. The first step is to open the desired image in Photoshop by right clicking on the image and selecting “Open with adobe Photoshop” option.

Select Pen tool:

select pen tool

Select Pen tool icon from the toolbar or as it appears on the options bar (after clicking the pen tool). You can also use the keyboard shortcut “P”.

Select the path:

select path

In the option bar select Paths > Icon and check “Auto Add/Delete” box and select “Exclude overlapping path areas” option.

Duplicate image:


Duplicate layer

Create a duplicate copy of the image for editing by right clicking on the background option in the Layer palette window.

Zoom into the image:

zoom in tool in toolbar

After selecting the path, select the Zoom icon from the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut CTLR+ (for PC), Command+ (for Mac) together to zoom into the image.

Draw the Path:

draw the path

continue drawing path

The path can be drawn on the edges of the desired part of the image by using the ALT key for drawing a sharp corner on the edges of the the image.

Save Path:

work path

path 1

showing all path

To save the path, go in the Path palette box and double click on the Work path. A window will appear, name the path and to save click on “OK”.

Select the path and create a layer:

select the path and create a layer

insert the selected area in a new layer

image with no background

Select the path by pressing the CTRL key and click on the path name saved in the above step in the Path palate box. Press CTRL+C and CTRL+V in the selected area. Your new layer has been created.

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