So you are familiar with the audio and the visual, but not the real entity! It’s time we meet face to face. Dealing with the virtual interface is fine, but eventually it is the real world that matters.

Clipping Path India, the growing offshore photo-editing studio is inviting its regular customers and potential clients to its premises in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Under one roof the company provides the latest photo-editing services for digital images, graphics and logo designs.

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What’s a company without real people to interact? Clipping Path India is inviting customers to visit their studios. It is yet again a pioneering move to get close to business relationships that are valued and have survived competition. There is a strong reason to invite people connected to our work. Outsourcing work on the Internet can be an impersonal experience, not matter how quick the automated responses are over mails and live chats. Meeting people in flesh and blood increases the working relationship. All visitors who wish to know how the company manages to work 24/7 for global clients are most welcome. This is the company’s way of showing its preparedness and gratitude to long-term clients. As you wish to know us, even we are more than happy to meet you. The company works with the latest infrastructure, software and certified editors.

Our team leader will guide you all over the facility that houses our graphic designing team. There are about 100 people who work in 3 shifts in the company. The team leader will explain how the work is executed right from the time a client places the order. Some clients can also see how their work is being done and by which designer/editor. These visits to the studio help in people to know how the staff handles their duties efficiently. This is one way of making customers believe that they can expect good quality work from the company at all times consistently. With their testimonials, it becomes easier for potential clients to have confidence in the work we do.

While the studio set up is in Dhaka, the main office is headquartered in UK. The CEO Atiqur Sumon handles the operations from there. But if he is travelling to Dhaka, then he also helps visitors to understand how the creative team brings out the best results.

There is much more to visiting Dhaka, the capital and the workplace of one of the largest photo processing studios in the country. Take a look at also how the company manages its social responsibility via charity. With many philanthropic interests, motivated by the CEO, the employees also volunteer their services after a hard day’s work. The team leader will explain how the activities are managed every month.

Helping visitors see and understand how a team is taking the company’s vision and mission forward and its visionary management is just our humble way to keep in touch with our valued clients. It is their support that has helped us to build a powerful offshore company. We look forward to seeing you in Dhaka and also being the city guide in a place where visitors leave with wonderful memories in the form of taking pictures.

Visit-us and expect to see you soon at Clipping Path India.

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.