Image Retouching is a fundamental task for any photo editing graphic industry. It is the photo management to remove dust particles, or errors, or to edit or remove unwanted elements in the picture or to add new elements to the picture.

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In this tutorial you will know how to do an effective image retouching by the Clone Stamp tool in Adobe Photoshop. The Clone Stamp tool is useful for duplicating objects or removing unwanted elements of the image.

Step 1

At first open the image in the Adobe Photoshop.

Original image before retouching

Step 2

Now select the Clone Stamp Tool from tool bar located in the left.

clone stamp tool


Click the right mouse button and the pop-up screen, where you can chose the clone tool, depending on the location and size, hardness, and we remove, we chose the 15% (it is depends on the image resolution or spot size) in this case.

Now we are ready to start edit and clean places.

Set the bruch hardness of clone stamp tool


Set the sampling point in the image, pressing Alt+click. This will be used as the reference point for cloning. By doing this the cursor will change with a target.

Removing spots from body using clone stamp tool

Step 5

Click and drag your mouse where you want to clone the image. As you draw, a cross will appear on the original image as you are revealing the cloned image.

Continuously removing spot using clone stamp tool

Step 6

Click where undesired spots is seen in the image and you'll see that the area will be hided by the new area situated where the sampling point was.

Step 7

After finishing the all undesired spot from the right hand, now you can click where the problem is seen in the left hand and do this one after another.

Contiously removing spot using clone stamp tool part 2

Step 8

You have to do the same process continue for the rest of the hand.

Step 9

When all the undesired spots on her hand will be disappear and the woman hand or body looks nice, then you can finish the process.

Following the same step-by-step process we can remove jewelry or any unnecessary elements from the woman waist.

Removing ornaments from body

Continuously removing ornaments from body

Step 10

Finally you can save the finished image or photo from the file Manu to your desired location in the PC.

Final image after retouching

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