Photographs are walks down the memory lane. Indeed they tell a million stories; revisit those long cherished memories. Restoration technician can do wonders to a photograph that has suffered damages as it has been held and watched to rekindling the memories.

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It cannot be any more heart breaking yet it’s a reality that in spite of best preservation, photographs do get damaged in the natural course of time. They lose colors and grow dull and often get damaged due to mishandling. The image can lose color in natural course or just because some liquid got spilled over it due to momentary carelessness. Photographs inevitably develop cresses as they are handled. The natural decay is also as damaging as all of the above. But who wants to lose that cherished piece of memory or not visit that unforgotten moment captured in a photograph.

Photograph restoration techniques ensure that old and damaged photographs are restored to their original glory. Photographs are images printed on special paper. Restoration techniques are used to restore old photos that are damaged. Fading of color or formation of creases and tears are restored and the owner gets a photograph which is as good as the photo was, when it was first printed. Initially prior to the advent of digital technology the restoration was done manually by people who had special skills in painting and drawing. Digital technology has changed the entire paradigm of photo restoration.

Digital restorations of photographs are primarily done using advanced software that restore colours and undo the cresses.  Photographs which got torn due to some reason or the other can also be restored provided all the torn pieces are available. Present day photo restoration technicians work with advanced software and high resolution digital scanners. Initially when photo restoration was done manually it took lot of time to restore one particular photograph now within that time a skilled graphic artist can restore quite few damaged photographs. The cost of restoration has also gone down a lot.

Photo restoration techniques are quite a few. Based on the damage that will have to rectified the technique is applied. In some cases the original photograph is treated with developing chemicals. This reverses a part of the oxidation that has taken place. A simplest form of restoration where only color fading is to be rectified is to make a copy of the photograph with adjusted colors. Sometimes airbrushing techniques are used to rectify blemishes. Skilled photo restoration technician can do wonders with airbrushing. Electronic restoration can rectify most of the defects a photograph might have. The image is scanned using a high resolution digital scanner and then the graphic artist with the help of the software rectifies and restores the photo.

Photographs are precious piece of possession and in most cases they are invaluable. Therefore the restoration job should be done by a skilled professional. Before entrusting the restoration job certain credential checks should be done. Those who offer to restore for free should be avoided as this is skilled job and use of skills cost money. It would be sensible to scan the defaced photo yourself and send a soft copy to the restoration service provider rather than handing the original photograph. The extent of restoration and the price for such services should be negotiated in clear terms.

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.

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