The tutorial will give you an idea, how to replace a background of an image effortlessly by using magic wand tool in photoshop. By this tutorial anyone will be able to know about magic wand tool and the using process of this tool to mask an image. At first it is very essential to get a little idea about magic wand tool.

Magic wand tool:

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There is much an accomplished graphic artist can do with his creativity with the right tools. The Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop is just what the genie ordered for the graphic artist and the photo editor. While in other selection of tools one need to segregate then the magic wand need not be dragged around. Click it from the menu box. Specific parts of an image can be selected for copying, editing and masking. One need not trace the specific path to Photoshop Mask.

This brilliant feature allows unlimited use of tricks of the trade based on color properties of the pixel. Use the (W) key for selecting the magic wand tool. Click within the area that needs editing. After editing use the normal menu for adding or subtracting elements from the image. This option is controlled with sample of all layers, tolerance, anti-aliasing and contiguous. Basically Photoshop masking can be simply done by this tool.

Now this write-up will show simple ways to mask an image in Photoshop by using Magic Wand Tool.

Step- 1

Open the image you desire to use for this masking training. To do this, you’d need to access the file menu in Photoshop and click on open; from there you can pick your desired file for this training exercise. Now create a duplicate layer from original one.

create a duplicate layer of the image in Photoshop

Step- 2

When you’ve accessed the file in Photoshop, you’d need to select the “Magic Wand Tool (W)” from the tool box menu. This can easily be accessed from clicking on the “Tools” option from the windows menu.

Magic wand tool in Photoshop

Step- 3

Select the white background you wish to have removed and it will automatically select all the white areas within view.

Click anywhere in the background of image using magic wand tool

Step- 4

At this point, it is advisable to have a duplicate outlay of the image created. The essence of this is to enable us work on the duplicate copy while preserving the original. Have the original concealed by switching off the visibility icon. This can be done by clicking the delete key.

Press delete button to remove background inside the selection

Step- 5

Choose a new layer by selecting the “Create new layer” option from the bottom of the layer palette.  Input your desired color using color picker (Foreground Color) or make a selection from other sources by pasting from the background image.

Choose a new background color from color picker

Step- 6

Now select the “Gradient Tool (G)” from tool box and apply this color in the new layer. Show the image layer and color layer both together and see the final result.

Final looking of the image in a new background color

You can use another color, image or any effect in this layer as your desired one and get the final masking image using magic wand tool.

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Video Tutorial on How to Mask an Image Using Magic Wand Tool:

See the video of this tutorial so that the above steps of image masking technique will be easier to you to learn.

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