Asia’s most popular online picture editing service portal, Clipping Path India thrives on a three-pronged strategy to service its global clients. The key factors include no advance, triple quality check and cost effective guarantee-all this at the click of a mouse!

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The aim of any photo-processing studio is to service its clients with 100% satisfaction. But what makes one slightly better than the other? According to Atiqur Sumon, “the reliability lies in other important factors that bother the client, like will the studio charge me any extra for the frequent samples, I ask for? Or will I need to pay advance and then lose my money? Often many people need to know how it all works. We need to put them at rest. Hence we are upfront in saying no advance is required.” With this clarification Clipping Path India becomes an easier photo-editing firm to expect results.

When we do triple check, the quality gives us an edge. The cost effectiveness makes us economical. — Chief Executive Atiqur Rahman Molla”

These factors relate to patronage and steady business. The online facility is in Dhaka a city in Bangladesh. It has been the core of all post processing photographic business. Equipped with state of the art imaging software, a team of 100 highly skilled professionals service clients from across the world, taking care of their digital photo editing requirements. The large demand for high quality graphics across businesses has led to the mushrooming of photo editing services across countries. Clipping Path India differentiates itself from other such service providers with a unique strategy that guarantees customer satisfaction with zero compromise on quality of the finished images.

The team at Clipping Path India understands that special customers have different needs. They take an extra effort to personalize their services depending on the requirements. Being an offshore organization, the client to service provider interaction is limited to the online space where clients can request for quotes, submit images and settle dues. As opposed to other service providers in the same field who might charge an advance prior to commencement of the job, the directive at Clipping Path India is to make sure the customers have faith with the studio and its talents.  No upfront payments are required to commence work and this is a boon for the consumers.

Because of the nature of the businesses in which the graphics are used, there has to be a thorough focus on quality.  If it is not taken care then it will affect the overall work like making of brochures, prints or posters of the client. Clipping Path India follows a strict triple quality check on every job that guarantees the highest standards available today. No two jobs are treated exactly in the same manner. The individual approach that is taken for each job sets the workmanship apart from other photo editing services.

High value for money is something every client seeks. With a pricing policy that is surprisingly affordable, obtaining high quality graphics for a business is no longer a challenge. Clipping Path India keeps the client’s budgets in mind even while ensuring quality delivery. These rates are further lowered for bulk orders, and if a client is offered the service for a cheaper rate elsewhere, the firm will match or beat these rates-and that’s a solemn promise from the team.

When any photo editing needs are given to Clipping Path India the editors know they have to meet deadlines quickly. It aids in better responses in delivering urgent jobs. These services can be availed at any time, which literally means having a photo-editing studio at the click of a mouse.

If your Photoshop tasks are beginning to stack up on your to do list, no worries! Clipping Path India’s Photoshop experts can save you time, optimizing and delivering your images in just 24 hours. Get your free quote today!

Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.