With expertise on its side and latest versions of photo editing software showing in the market, Clipping Path India is catering to many photo editing needs including resizing, image cropping, and rearranging.

We are now on the social networking site-Facebook. In addition to this our global clientele is growing making us popular. We have been able to create a special ‘niche’ in outsourcing good quality photo editing work at affordable rate. — Chief Executive Atiqur Rahman Molla”

The use of digital cameras and e-commerce has made the graphic industry very important to millions of consumers. With technology on its side and new versions of editing software appearing in the market, Clipping Path India is catering to many photo editing needs. The offshore company has strengthened its base by opening a new office in Bogra, Dhaka. Already 20 professionals have started to work on projects for new clients. This is in addition to the already existing production site in the commercial district where about 100 employees work. With the appearance of the company on Facebook, the chances of exposure of more than 12 kinds of photo editing services have expanded on cyber space. Expressing himself on the expanding operations, the CEO explained, “It’s not only the low costs that bring us the clients. Our portal has been refurbished and redesigned with a user-friendly interface. We work as a one-stop-shop for all photo related verticals required by professionals in many fields.” With more than 12 useful editing verticals the outsourcing firm is recognized as a dependable service provider.

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What goes in favor of Clipping Path India is its personalized service with every individual client and agency. No two clients are alike and this is so true in case of requirements of the graphic industry. An advertising agency might urgently require a color correction isolating an object in a single color for effect. An individual photographer might request for doing different kinds of image masking for the wedding photos he has just shot for his client. With the help of graphics, each photo becomes a grand wedding souvenir to cherish. Clipping Path India has professionals who have mastered the art of creating such souvenirs as ever lasting memories. The automated system of working has helped clients from many countries to benefit from the low cost service verticals. Since the company also works on the principle of satisfying the client 100% before payment is done, it works to their advantage. Gaining trust and confidence of a client who cannot see the work physically is essential. This is one of the reasons why the company has made a breakthrough in getting first time clients. The website is well designed to help a new client to register and establish contact with a graphic consultant before the work starts. Free samples and trials also allow the new clients to give the chance to the editors to exercise their creativity. This is possible with the online order tracking that helps the client to keep tabs on the job.

Clipping Path India now aims at customizing its operations to benefit new and existing clients with the sub service verticals that can be accessed on the website. The sub service verticals include resizing, image cropping, and rearranging the photo gallery for the clients.

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.

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