Photo retouching has become very popular to add a whole new look to photographs. There are several simple tools one can use at home to do this. Let us take a look at a few of these.

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Are you a photography lover? Then you will know for sure that most of the photographs will require a bit of retouching here and there for making it look flawless. Photo retouching is very useful in making an old photograph get a new look altogether by freshening up the faded areas, brightening colors, or changing the colors in a particular spot. On closely watching the recent developments in image retouching, one would find many techniques that are applied.

One such method is the usage of a software that makes the job easier. Known as Portrait Professional, the software will be able to minimize the defects found on the photo and provide more effect to the beauty. It can help in removing spots or wrinkles and a new lighting effect can be provided to the photograph. The software is the widely used airbrush tool for retouching of photograph and goes well with Photoshop.

To avoid time spent on retouching photographs, Photoshop CS5 has come up with a new patching tool known as Content Aware Fill which is totally automated. You need just to select the part of the photograph that needs retouching or any blank space that has to be given the same effect as in other places, and the tool does it! This tool makes the image very realistic and perfect.

Digital photo retouching is yet another method that is being currently employed. For achieving this, a computer which can handle Photoshop and other applications such as Photo impact, Photo Paint, and Picture publisher is needed. The latest drawing tablet is Wacom Intuos 9 x 12 which has a pen and 4D mouse which are very ideal for digital photo retouching.  Usually Rubber Stamp is the tool that is used in Photoshop and this is also known as Clone brush in other applications. This tool gets the image information of the location where you want to retouch. It will replace a dirt spot with the help of the color information nearer to the spot. When the spot is located, the mouse button and control key are pressed simultaneously. Once the spot is located, the mouse cursor is placed on the spot and clicked. The color or tone is applied there. In the same way, retouching can be done in other locations also. The image needs to be enlarged to get a clearer view of the spot to be retouched.

When a larger area needs retouching, another application known as "Blur tool" is used. This will ease out the irregularities and with number of applications, the spot can be smoothened. Smudge Brush is yet another tool that is used in retouching areas that are badly damaged.

Cropping is a tool in Photoshop CS5 helps in dividing the images into equal parts with horizontal and vertical lines that are equally spaced. It is important that the images are cropped to the usual print sizes. You must retouch the whole image including the background. When the image is cropped, applied with color balancing, dodge and burn processes, you have to sharpen the image and you can use the high pass filter for this. You must create a background copy layer for this and once this is done, you must select Filter > others > high pass option. Click on Shift and command U for removing the unusual colors from the edges of the images. The overlay blending mode will remove all the grey look of the image and you will observe that the image is quite sharp now.

There are many techniques that are applied for getting the best retouching of photographs, much to your satisfaction and each of them is quite simple. These are never time consuming. When these applications are used repeatedly, even the sorely damaged photographs can be rejuvenated and since these are user-friendly, the task becomes oh-so-simple!

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.

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