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Clipping Path India has mastered Photoshop services to perfection, from creating the highest quality images to delivering results with the fastest turnaround. We take pride in maintaining our ranks as the best clipping path provider worldwide. If there's one thing we realized, it's how crucial communication is in bringing success to our valued customers and ourselves.

Your success is our success! — Chief Executive Atiqur Rahman Molla”

Upon the launch of Clipping Path India's Live Chat facility. We recall his previous statement that the company was born with the customer in mind, and now continues to strengthen their foundation with the new feature.

Atiqur Rahman MollaAtiqur added, "Customer care is the backbone of any business. We believe that a quick and immediate means to communicate is indispensable to excellent service. Thus, the best way to ensure customer satisfaction is through enabling an outlet where each and every client can contact us."

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To visionary business people like Clipping Path India professionals, graphical works are more like art rather than a typical data entry sort of thing. There's not one design or drawing, or clipping path that fits all. Photographers or graphic designers don't simply vouch for a precise clipping path drawn on their image. Oftentimes they are looking for something that would meet their preferences, but in many cases it's simply too difficult to express in the body of an email.

Though Clipping Path India is known for unbeatable response times right from providing custom quotes to delivering finished projects, we still felt that we lacked connection and that we can do so much more. This realization led to the creation of our Live Chat service, the fast and easy way to reach us without the wait! Communication is now more efficient than ever in this streamlined method where customers get the ultimate solution to their needs, right then and there.

What you can do with the Live Chat feature

  • Talk to friendly representatives for any concern you may have, anytime.
  • Have someone at the other end right when you need help with photo editing services.
  • Get a custom personalized quote in an instant.
  • Outsource clipping path to in-house professionals like you have your very own studio.
  • Work with people remotely on projects (i.e. give specific instructions, find out what's going on or how far the project has been carried out)
  • Specify exactly what you want to get perfect results optimized for your business' success.
  • Ask us anything! We're more than eager to help and listen to what you have to say.

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.