Making a fake or ‘doctoring an image’ is far different from actually enhancing its overall quality. Digitally, the technique of photoshopping via manipulation is here to stay- But best done by the professionals who know the job.

It is quite imaginable now that photo manipulation has become an ‘art form’ for some graphic artists. Photo manipulation means applying certain methods of editing images to create an illusion or difference in the photograph. The viewers of the photograph are seemingly deceived after it has been changed using photo manipulation. Photo manipulation is widely used in the fields of print media and advertisements today. The concept has been in use since a long time, with the Russians having employed it for political issues. Photo manipulation is basically made possible by the use of digital or analog technology. There are many ways in which photo manipulation can be performed in order to give a new lease of life to a photograph.

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Though a professional photographer is no longer the only option today, yet, the snaps taken by home cameras and digital cams sometimes need to be brushed up to look perfect. Photographs are the best memories one can possibly have and it becomes important at times, to edit few of them so that they stand testimony to all the moments. Photo manipulation is possible with the aid of a number of methods or software programs. These programs are ideal for image editing and resizing. Easy to use and effective, the photo manipulation programs could never have been born in a better time.

The most in use and worthwhile photo edition or manipulation software available today are Adobe Photoshop, Faststone photo resize and image resizing Powertoy. Photo manipulation covers any kind of change done to the photograph like red eye removal, image background alteration, change of tones or anything else that seems worth changing. Photoshop is such popular software that the term photoshopping has become a verb in the true sense of the term. This creation from adobe can create wonders with any image on earth. The most reputed journalists and photographers are said to be the slaves of Photoshop. The photographs can be edited in a way that is unthinkable. A large number of tools and effects come together to bring about the photo manipulation.

The Image Resizing Powertoy program is another popular choice amongst photo manipulation techniques. This is similar to Photoshop but has less number of tools for effects. The basic manipulation tools like tone, color, background change are available. There are options to crop or flip images as per the users’ choice. The background templates on offer give ample creative ideas to interest image editors. The software has achieved popular success within a short span of time. It is available over the net at no additional cost for use. This photo manipulation tool is a highly useful one.

The Faststone photo resize software is mostly used for photo manipulation by budding photographers who are not yet very well versed with the techniques. The software has very basic tools for image resizing and editing. If all that one need is to give final finishing touches to a friend or family group photograph, this software could be the best bet. This too is available online at no cost. The program is not as wide ranging as Photoshop but is a great boon to non professionals.

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As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.

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