We’ve made some great improvements in placing an order following a quotation, which is part of our continuous enhancements to serve you better. Automatic invoice and order creation, together with our dedicated staff work behind-the-scenes to deliver your free quote.

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Clipping Path India aims to deliver excellence in every aspect, from getting your free quote to processing your order and ultimately receiving your quality images. We offer all types of image treatment services including clipping path, image masking, shadow effect, manipulation, retouching, vector conversion, e-commerce solution, and more! The first step is to simply let us know what you need and want by requesting a quote.

Enhanced quotation form

To get you on the right track, here's a glimpse of our new quotation form that's been simplified to make your life easier.

Clipping Path India quotation request form

What's New?

  • Output Image Size
  • All in One Page

Clicking on 'Get a quote' will take you right on this page, where all you need is pretty much outlined from top to bottom.

Here is step by step guide on how to request a quote and confirm the order following the quotation:

Step #1

Fill up the quotation form

Getting started is quite easy. Enter your name on the first field, for we'd like to know you and properly address a valued client. On the next field, kindly provide us with your email address, wherein your free quote will be delivered accordingly.

Now, our question to you is, "How many pictures do you need edited?" Once you've determined this number, please input in the corresponding field.

For Output Image Size, resizing is absolutely free!

Note: The smaller the image size, the quicker the entire process will be, and the cheaper it gets with the discounts we offer when you opt for smaller images.

Click on the bullet point 'Resize to' and enter your desired Width and Height in px within the boxes.

Resize to

Tick the Margin box if you wish to apply a margin whenever you choose a specific size. The ideal margin is between 5-10% depending on the dimension. This will be implemented on the longest side, and the other side will be set in proportion.

Click on the bullet point 'Keep original size' if you prefer to keep it that way. You can also indicate the margin in % or px.

Keep original size

At this point, we ask nothing more but "How can we help you?" In this section feel free to type in any comments, added instructions, and anything else you'd want us to accomplish. We'd be happy to hear you out and give you a customized service tailored to your needs.

Lastly, add the files you want us to work on and base your free quote upon. Drag and drop the file from your computer or click on 'Add files...' to choose the images. The number of files is indicated as they are successfully uploaded. Once it's done uploading, all that's left is to click the 'Submit Request' button and you're all set to get your free quote for any kind of image editing need!

Step #2

Click invoice link sent to your inbox

Our team will be carefully reviewing your request and downloading the images you've sent. The quotation will be estimated in line with your requirements and instructions, and the invoice link to the quotation will be delivered right to your email inbox.

Click invoice link sent to your inbox

Step #3

Click approve quote

In the quotation, the images will be listed under 'Description' with each item's cost, followed by the total 'Amount due' for your approval. Once we receive your confirmation, we will proceed in sending you the invoice to pay. Upon reviewing the details and everything's looking good, one click of the 'Accept and Pay' button will initiate the transaction.

Accept the quotation and pay

Step #4

Login or sign up at Clipping Path India

If you've already created an account with us, simply login with your username and password and you'll be directed to the payments page. Otherwise, please fill in the brief registration requirements in just a few minutes to Sign Up.

Login or sign up for next step

Step #5

Make Your Payment

Our clients' online safety is a top priority. We provide a secure credit card payment method to keep your information safe. You can tick on 'Save this card' to use the same card the next time around for an effortless process on your future transactions.

Secure credit card payment at Clipping Path India

We ask you to enter your e-mail address to get a copy of the payment receipt, and then proceed by hitting the blue 'Pay' button, which shows the exact amount. Underneath is the yellow button, which gives you the option to check out with PayPal.

Step #6

Upload Images and submit order

Upon successful payment, kindly upload all the images linked to your request through our Image uploader, Dropbox, or FTP Upload.

Upload images and submit order

Finally, Click on 'Submit Order' to finalize and close the quotation and order placement process. We give the guarantee that you will be receiving the completed images in a timely manner, just the way you like it.

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We hope this guide helps! Clipping Path India is looking forward to serving you with our best work and render customer satisfaction, if not exceed expectations as always. Do not hesitate to get a quote, for it'll be over in a breeze and you'll soon be delighted with the results.

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.