You may have noticed that things seem a little different around here lately. We’ve recently undergone updates to provide you with a better Clipping Path India experience.

Here’s what’s new:

Customer portal

Over the years, we’ve received lots of feedback from you about our customer portal. You found it clunky, difficult to use and unintuitive.

We’ve been listening. We went through all of your comments and did some additional research around how to improve the Clipping Path India customer portal.

Now, you can create order templates to use for future orders so you won’t have to request a new quote every time. Plus, we’ve upgraded to use BrickFTP for file transfers, which means that your images are even more secure and protected, and it’s also a lot quicker for batch uploads and downloads.

We've also created a video overview to give you a quick look at the updates:

If you already have a Clipping Path India account, activate your new one here

Public-facing website

We wanted our website to reflect the same dedication to quality we provide for your images. New colors, a clean and bright design, and more user-friendly navigation were our focus for the new website. 

New customized pricing for image-editing services

You may also notice that we’ve restructured our pricing for when we assess and provide your quotes.

Because every job is unique, it’s difficult to standardize pricing. That’s why you first request a quote so we can assess the level of technicality and which resources we’ll need to complete your project.

We’ve introduced a new pricing list so our sales agents can provide more accurate quotes more quickly and easily. You’ll receive your quote in 45 minutes or less thanks to these updates, so no more waiting around for hours or until the next business day.

Learn about order templates

Plus, our new pricing structure also allows you to create and save order templates. With order templates, you can skip the quote request and instantly place new orders based on previous ones.


Edit Credits packages

Another update to how you pay for Clipping Path India services is the launch of Edit Credit packages. You can purchase a bundle of Edit Credits which you can then use as “cash” to pay for clipping path and other image-editing services. We designed the Edit Credit packages to help you save both time and money.

When you have Edit Credits in your account, you can use them to quickly and easily pay for your orders. And if you buy 1,000 Edit Credits, you’re essentially getting $200 worth of image-editing services for free.

Edit Credits expire one year from the date of purchase. 

Customer support center

With all of these changes, we realize there may be a learning curve and some time to get used to the new navigation and features. We’ve created an entire customer support center filled with helpful content, articles, videos, and FAQs to help you acclimate yourself.

You'll also notice an orange icon in the lower right corner of your screen. That's Beacon, a program we've installed on our site that you can use to search for troubleshooting issues or common questions. You can also submit a message and reach out to use that way.

Remember, if you need further support, we’re just an email away

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