This clipping path video tutorial explains the steps you need to take when creating a clipping path or in simpler terms, how to change the background color of an image.

Once you have the image you want to edit, you open it in Photoshop, then you select 'Pen tool' from the tool bar on your left. Drag your mouse to the preferred starting point on the picture where you want to trim it. Slowly drag your mouse round the specific edges you wish to make your selection until you have the entire picture cut out. It is very important that you make sure that your finishing point connects with the starting point.

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Once you finish, go to the menu bar and select the window panel and click on 'path' which will appear on the right hand side of your screen next to the layer's panel. Right click on the path you created, select 'make selection', adjust the feather radius of your choice and click 'ok'. Go back to the layer's panel and duplicate the layer then go to the tool bar and select the foreground option. From the color picker pop-up, select a color of choice.

Then go to menu bar, select 'file' then 'save as' and change the file format from PSD to JPEG and click 'ok'.

This short clipping path video tutorial comprehensively covers all the steps necessary to create a clipping path. It is straightforward and easy to understand for both a pro and a beginner in Photoshop. If you follow the steps to the letter you will have an edited photo of choice.

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