Clipping Path India is committed to promote better control of your image processing services and increase clients competence. Clipping Path India recently introduced Online Order Tracking that allows you the convenience of checking the status of your order, how the progress going on and the delivery time information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From your online account you can locate a specific order, view its. The Online Order Tracking of clipping path India is of high standard that will stand the update status of the clients clipping path or image processing service. Its clients worldwide have continued to express satisfaction with the new service. With the online tracking order you can have at a glance what Clipping Path India offers. 

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When you make an order with an offshore outsourcing Clipping Path service providing company, then you might be worried about the status of your order, what progress is being made, the delivery time. At his situation, Clipping Path India is promised to inform you the current status for your order. It is exceptionally valuable for our customers when they can check the status of their order online at any time they want.

The Online Order Tracking helps our clients and suppliers keep track of their orders - increasing client satisfaction and their willingness to trade with us. It promotes better control of clients order and enhances our client effectiveness to us — Atiqur Rahman Sumon, The CEO

There are several benefits can be inserted using the Online Order Tracking from the Clipping Path India like:

  • Better service - clients and suppliers can check the improvement of orders for themselves;
  • Trust - offering clients' real-time online order tracking helps show you as an open and honest business, increasing client trust in you.
  • Just-in-time production/delivery - shared order status lets your customers and suppliers reduce lead times, achieve lean production, and minimize inventory - adding up to cost savings all round.

Online order tracking system of Clipping Path India provides the subscriber to know how the image is completed so far and what the deadline for each project is. It is a vibrant, fully automated system for client working in our production office, where one of your images ready, which updates immediately in the web site.

Client easily can track the order; for tracking you must first login to the Clipping Path India site. Once logged in, find a link "Track Order" in the menu at the top right. Immediately client will know the current status of their works.

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Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.