There is a difference between the ‘Morning Cuppa Coffee’ that one drinks without looking and the ‘designer chocolate cappuccino’ from the neighborhood café. The later is well designed and is outsourced.  It is admired for its chic look.

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In pursuit of getting the ‘perfect look’ often one has to outsource means to justify it. Perhaps no other profession needs outsourcing its attractive looks other than the glamorous fashion photography. Here too it is a question of do you want the portfolio looking like the morning coffee or the designer chocolate cappuccino? Whether it is portrait photography or outdoor shoots even a famous photographer today needs to airbrush, or retouch or create a dramatic or chic look. These are some of the techniques that they use the digital technology to develop creative images. No matter how good the composition is, a photographer needs the invaluable services of a professional photo editing company.

Cosmetic surgery of photos of fashion models is a huge business that keeps graphic artists busy. Another reason that makes this industry use experienced and talented people is that now offshore companies that apply more complex techniques like clipping path, raster to vector, masking , drop shadow, changing of backdrop and stitching.  What’s more if the offshore company is based in India, China or Bangladesh, chances are that the services will be affordable and cheaper with quick turnaround time.

Clipping Path India is an offshore outsourcing company that is emerging as the answer to fashion photography’s diverse needs. Taking maximum advantage of the digital platform it provides a full-fledged department exclusively to take on work of glamour photography. The need is so much in demand that a workforce of 60 artists work regularly. The clipping path specialists have been able to successfully create appealing textures for many photos bought to them by fashion photographers. The company has emerged as a distinct entity to help the fashion industry.

Ever since we started the offshore company, we recognized the need to tap the growing needs of the fashion industry. Our advantage is mainly affordable costing. We are able to stick to the budgets. We already have 300+ photoshop specialists working in Bangladesh. They have been able to produce some mind boggling work for our clients. — Chief Executive Atiqur Rahman Molla

Some of the international clients who have experimented and been delighted with the results have now become regular customers.

Amazing Service! Not only was it early - but the quality of what I asked for was amazing! — Mike J.

There are several other comments from happy clients worldwide who are regularly doing business with this successful offshore photo imaging company.

Clipping Path India has been of use not only the ever expanding needs of the fashion industry-It has become a very important tool for advertising agencies and even websites which need sharp images for improving business. Portals that deal in e-commerce, online shopping companies can digitally enhance the images to make them more attractive to the users who are potential buyers.

It’s important to always use high-quality, high-resolution images that show your products in the best light. Clipping Path India’s Photoshop experts can optimize your product photos in just 24 hours. Get your free quote today

Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

As manager and head of digital marketing at Clipping Path India, Rokaiya wants to help retailers and photographers use marketing strategies and tactics that will elevate their business. She has an 18-year background in graphic design, content management and digital marketing.

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